Ivam Da Silva

Ivam Da Silva


Ivam da Silva is an international Dance & Fitness presenter and Capoeira Co-Master of Brazilian descent.

Latin-American rhythms and Brazilian flair are the ingredients that make his classes so unique.

Known for being relaxed and charming, he is sought after everywhere in Germany, by any Aerobic enthusiast.

Dance Step
Dance moves encountering step elements,  hot music melting together with a clearly structured choreography – a challenge ending up in a marvelous experience.

Dance Aerobic
Classic aerobics moves being rounded off by dance moves for more ease and fun. What is making these classes a real highlight ? The exciting, always changing choreographies.

Latino Moves
Featuring passionate dancing and hot Latin American sounds – Latin American joy of life at its very best.  A harmonious mix of Salsa and Samba steps together with elements from other dance styles will keep your hips moving.

Abs, legs, bottom
Functional and efficient exercises will keep your abs legs et bottom engaged and braced in this body slimming workout. Varied exercises are used to train the different muscle groups.