Ivam da Silva

Ivam da Silva

Ivam Vaz da Silva is of Brazilian descent and started Capoeira as a child already. He is a member of the Capoeira group “Capoeira Terreiro” and its manager for Germany.

Since 2004, Ivam has been teaching Capoeira as a designated Contra-Mestre Arrupiado in Germany as well. He also organizes workshops and important Capoeira events.


What is capoeira?

Capoeira means acrobatic martial arts and dance from Brazil. A very special blend of martial arts, dance and acrobatics includes elements from different fields: sports, dance, music, art and philosophy.

Once they learned theirs basics, the participants form a circle (Roda). In its center, two capoeiristas are engaged in a physical dialog full of specific moves while it’s up to the others to clap their hands, play their instruments (Berimbau, Atabaque and Pandeiro) and sing.