Ivam Da Silva
Internationaler Dance & Fitness Presenter - Capoeira Master - Personal Trainer

Ivam Vaz da Silva is of Brazilian descent and started Capoeira as a child already. He is a member of the Capoeira group „Capoeira Terreiro“ and its manager for Germany.

Since 2004, Ivam has been teaching Capoeira as a designated Contra-Mestre Arrupiado in Germany as well. He also organizes workshops and important Capoeira events.

What is capoeira?

Capoeira means acrobatic martial arts and dance from Brazil. A very special blend of martial arts, dance and acrobatics includes elements from different fields: sports, dance, music, art and philosophy.

Once they learned theirs basics, the participants form a circle (Roda). In its center, two capoeiristas are engaged in a physical dialog full of specific moves while it’s up to the others to clap their hands, play their instruments (Berimbau, Atabaque and Pandeiro) and sing.

Ivam da Silva
Ivam da SilvaInternationaler Dance & Fitness Presenter – Capoerra Master – Personal Trainer – in Freiburg im Breisgau