Ivam Da Silva
Internationaler Dance & Fitness Presenter - Capoeira Master - Personal Trainer

Ivam Vaz da Silva was born in Brazil, the land of hot rhythms and love of life. Not unnaturally, he got fascinated by the magic of rhythm and dance – Lambada, Samba and Caporeia – in his early youth already, a fascination that turned into a deep passion.

Not unnaturally, he joined the aerobics scene later on, following  the footsteps of his elder brother Iram Vaz, who participated in aerobics championships on a regular basis.

He then got involved in the new fitness generation and started working as a teacher in different fitness clubs.

Ivam was in charge of a variety of the most recent fitness styles and applied the latest trends asap.

Since 2004, Ivam Vaz da Silva has been living in Germany to the delight of of the community of committed aerobics and fitness enthusiasts. Beside teaching in different fitness studios, Ivam is frequently working as a presenter at different aerobics conventions.

Despite his big success, Ivam always strives after perfecting himself and his work. Having passed the exams for the internationally recognized A-license and full of new ideas, Ivam now sets out to conquer both fitness experts and enthusiasts all over the world.

Ivam da Silva
Ivam da SilvaInternationaler Dance & Fitness Presenter – Capoerra Master – Personal Trainer – in Freiburg im Breisgau